New happenings at Anthology

Anthology Book Company is pleased to introduce the new events coordinator, Matt. Those of you who frequent the store will recognize Matt as the knowledgeable, well-read bookseller and trader. To add to his talents, Matt will be replacing me as coordinator of events and media relations. Additionally, Jessica, a long-time bookseller, trader and leader of the SciFi-Fantasy Book club will edit the newsletter, manage the website and support other customer relations duties. If you should have questions in any of these areas, feel free to contact us. Owner Stephanie Stauder, along with manager Teresa and the staff strive to keep Anthology your “inspired” bookstore of choice.

As for me, I am relocating to the great Northwest. An employment opportunity in Portland, OR beckons.  I encourage you to continue your patronage of Anthology and recognize the importance of shopping locally. We have a gem of an indie bookstore here. Treasure it.

Thanks to all who crossed my path, both in- store and on-line,  during my 18 months at Anthology.  Farewell!

One ‘sweetheart’ of a town

Many of our readers and customers may be enamored with Loveland, Colorado. I know it found its way into my heart 30 years ago when I moved here to escape the “big city” of Fort Collins. I settled in an older home on 4th and Harrison, walked to the Library, purchased fresh meats at The Little Store on 5th Street, nosed around shops and taverns downtown, and quickly fell in love with my new hometown. Soon I was active in community affairs, including chairing the Loveland Valentine Museum efforts, handling vendors and displays for the Corn Roast Festival, helping with philanthropic efforts, and serving on the Human Relations Commission for the City.

So, when I heard of the Loveland365 Project (, I was not surprised the “secret” was out. “Loveland 365 is a not for profit grassroots coalition of Loveland business people and citizens who undertook a year-long project…to write about and photograph compelling stories and images about Loveland”. The result is a 12″ x 9″ full color, 384 page coffee table picture book that tells the remarkable and inspirational stories of our hometown.

Entitled Loveland365 People, Places & Things that Make Us America’s Sweetheart City, the book  is now available for pre-sold orders at $39.99. All net proceeds, up to $20, will be donated to participating non-profits. Go to the website to order your book, purchase it with a credit card and designate your favorite non-profit. More information and details can be found there. The book will not be sold in retail stores.

Anthology Book Company is proud to help in the promotion of this exciting endeavor. We have printed information in the store, and can put you in contact with the appropriate avenues for ordering  your copy.

A sincere thank you to John Giroux and his volunteers who had the vision to undertake this project, while taking  the initiative to contribute to non-profits here in Loveland. You can be a part of this effort. Order your copy today.

5th Annual Winter Sale

It’s that time of the year again! The annual Winter Sale begins next week, with every item (both new and used) in the store  25% off. Now is the chance to pick up that book, Moleskine, journal, incense, jewelry, greeting card, Melissa & Doug toy…at substantial savings! Used books will be sold at an additional 25% off the trade price. The only exceptions to the sale are items on hold, special orders and gift certificates.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great time to stock up for birthday, anniversary, wedding, births…all the occasions of 2011.

Sale Hours:
December 29 from 9-6 pm

December 30 from 9-6 pm

December 31 from 9-1 pm.

And just a reminder the Trading Counter is closed beginning December 24th, through the end of the year.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Hours and Annual Winter Sale

Just a reminder that Anthology will be adjusting store hours at the end of December:

December 24   9-5pm

December 25-26  closed

December 31   9-1pm

January 1 closed

Book Trade is suspended from December 24 through the 31st.

The Annual Winter Sale is December 29, 30 & 31

25% off everything in the store (excluding items on hold or special orders & gift cards).

Holiday Hours and More

As you are downtown Loveland attending the Winter Walk on December 4 and the Sculpture in the Dark events the week of December 6th, keep in mind our hours:

Sunday 11-5

Monday through Thursday 9-6

Friday 9-8 (open until 9 pm the second Friday of each month for Night on the Town)

Saturday 9-6

Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve 9- 5

Closed December 25 & 26

New Year’s Eve 9-1

Closed January 1

National Book Award winner for Non-fiction, the talented Patti Smith

The National Book Award winners were announced on November 17, 2010 and perhaps no one was more surprised than Patti Smith, iconic writer, performer and visual artist. Her first book of prose, Just Kids “offers a never-before-seen glimpse of her remarkable relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the epochal days of New York City and the Chelsea Hotel in the late sixties and seventies. An honest and moving story of youth and friendship, Smith brings the same unique, lyrical quality to Just Kids as she has to the rest of her formidable body of work—from her influential 1975 album Horses to her visual art and poetry.” -National Book Foundation.

Smith’s acceptance speech was emotional and heartfelt, as she shared her lifelong desire to one day win this coveted award. With a nod to booksellers, publishers and writers, she implored “Please, no matter how we advance technologically…never abandon the book.”

Just Kids is available as part of the Anthology Book Company Winter Catalog selections ($16).


From “Hotel Chelsea” in Just Kids by Patti Smith

I’m in Mike Hammer mode, puffing on Kools reading cheap detective novels sitting in the lobby waiting for William Burroughs. He comes in dressed to the nines in a dark gabardine overcoat, gray suit, and tie. I sit for a few hours at my post scribbling poems. He comes stumbling out of the El Quixote a bit drunk and disheveled. I straighten his tie and hail him a cab. It’s our unspoken routine.

In between I clock the action. Eyeing the traffic circulating the lobby hung with bad art. Big invasive stuff unloaded on Stanley Bard in exchange for rent. The hotel is an energetic, desperate haven for scores of gifted hustling children from every rung of the ladder. Guitar bums and stoned-out beauties in Victorian dresses. Junkie poets, playwrights, broke-down filmmakers, and French actors. Everybody passing through here is somebody, if nobody in the outside world.

The elevator is slowgoing. I get off at the seventh floor to see if Harry Smith is around. I place my hand on the doorknob, sensing nothing but silence. The yellow walls have an institutional feel like a middle school prison. I use the stairs and return to our room. I take a piss in the hall bathroom we share with unknown inmates. I unlock our door. No sign of Robert save a note on the mirror. Went to big 42nd street. Love you. Blue. I see he straightened his stuff. Men’s magazines neatly piled. The chicken wire rolled and tied and the spray cans lined in a row under the sink.

I fire up the hot plate. Get some water from the tap. You got to let it run for a while as it comes out brown. It’s just minerals and rust, so Harry says. My stuff is in the bottom drawer. Tarot cards, silk ribbons, a jar of Nescafé, and my own cup—a childhood relic with the likeness of Uncle Wiggly, rabbit gentleman. I drag my Remington from under the bed, adjust the ribbon, and insert a fresh sheet of foolscap. There’s a lot to report.

From “Hotel Chelsea” in Just Kids by Patti Smith